In the summer of 2023, bassist
Steven Wussow (ORDEN OGAN, ex-XANDRIA) surprises his bandmate Axel Ritt (ex-GRAVE DIGGER), whom he knows from their work together in DOMAIN, with an unexpected WhatsApp message. As an admirer of great melodies, great songs and great productions of the 80s, he would like to create a band that has written the popular trademarks of the same era on the songwriting flags, but with a correspondingly more modern sound.


The idea fell on fertile ground with the songwriter, guitarist and producer, who quickly agreed on the classic rock line-up of V, G, B and Dr and found the perfect backbone in terms of beats, show and punch in Tim Breideband (Gregorian, ex-Freedom Call, ex-Bonfire).


When it comes to vocals, Facebook has found one of the country's best rockers in the form of singer Jessica Conte, a young entertainer with Sicilian roots, who "blows the boys away" with her voice. Despite her youth, Jessica has been musically influenced by the 70s / 80s decades, which makes her the ideal front woman for the band.


The result is the band JÄST, whose name is made up of the first letters of the first names in the best ABBA tradition.

The band's vision is
"Bring Rock Back To Radio!", accompanied
with a live presence that offers fans of catchy rock music melodies and lyrics to sing along to with authenticity and a combination of great songs and entertainment.